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Water Resistant Cozies

Water Resistant Cozies

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Water Resistant Cozies are designed specifically for outdoor adventure in rain and snow. The outer layer is made from a high quality, soft shell material with water resistant properties to keep your pup dry. You can actually see the rain bead off! Lightweight and flexible, this fabric allows skin to breathe naturally.

The insulating inner layer is a soft, lush fleece that retains heat to keep your pup warm. This design features a cinched snood that protects the neck, and can also be extended over the head to cover ears. Add reflective piping to the back trim and sleeves for visibility in the dark.

Because each product is our unique design, all items are tailored to your dog’s individual measurements creating a perfect fit!

Leave home knowing your pup will remain dry and warm under their new favorite clothing item.

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to measure very accurately. Also, consult the measurement diagram above for ALL measurements.

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