Frequently Asked Questions

I want my whole item in a print, how do I get that?

Please contact me (Instagram messages is the fastest and easiest for me, email is second). I will check if I have enough in stock to fulfill your request. There will be an additional charge depending on which print you would like as my prints cost more than the solid colours. 

My measurements are not whole inches (ie. neck = 18.5 inches). What do I do?

Please round UP your measurement in the order form drop down menu and leave the exact measurement in the notes right at the end of your order.

 Can I send you my own choice of fleece?

Yes! You can have fleece sent to me from an online shop (, Spoonflower, Etsy...etc...) or you can send a fleece you purchased yourself (it must be perfectly clean, no dog hair on it). Please contact me to find out the amount you will need to send for your order. I offer a $10 per yard/meter (this is the average amount that I typically pay for the same amount of fleece) discount for fleece sent.

What is the difference between Water Resistant Cozies and Lightweight Water Resistant Cozies? 

Water Resistant Cozies have fleece fused into the inside of the item and Lightweight Water Resistant Cozies have a very thin mesh fused inside. The fleece will keep your dog warm and mesh will provide no heat. Both are very breathable. 

Wholesale and Bulk Order discounts?

No, I do not offer this. Because my items are so unique and time consuming to create, it would not be feasible for me to offer this option.

Do you ever restock fabrics? 

I do sometimes but not all are available to me for restocking. Most are not going to come back into stock. If you see something you like, I suggest you get it because it may be the last time you can get it.

How do I wash my item?

Every product I make has a tag sewn inside with specific wash/care instructions. Please locate your tag and follow the symbols indicating item specific care suggestions.

Should I measure my dog really tight or leave room for movement?

You should measure your dog snug, not extremely tight or loose. All items are made with this snug measurement in mind. DO NOT add length to your measurements unless you are explicitly instructed to do so by me.

How long will my package take to arrive? 

Shipping within Canada can take approximately 2-7 business days. 

Shipping outside of Canada can take approximately 3-8 business days.

These time estimations are from Canada Post & USPS. I have no control over the speed at which your package is moving. Due to COVID 19 packages can take longer than estimated.

How long will my order take to be made? Can I check on the status of when my order will be made?

Processing time is always kept up to date on the big banner at the top of the website. Your order will be shipped within the timeframe estimated in your order confirmation email. Please refrain from asking when your item will be made, these requests take a long time to reply to and my reply will be "your order will be processed within the timeframe estimated in your order confirmation email".

How long do I have to wait for my item before filing a lost package claim?

Canada Post will allow a lost package claim to be filed no sooner than 21 business days from the shipping date. Please refer to your tracking information to find your shipping date. I CAN NOT see any more information on tracking than you can. I CAN NOT file a lost package claim for you until it has been 21 business days since shipping date.

Neckline styles broken down.

Trim - Is very stretchy, can/will stretch down the neck and onto shoulder area. I, personally, do not like the trim option for my dogs.

Collar - Is made of fleece, short and somewhat stretchy, but not as much as the trim. Ideal for less coverage and warmth. I, personally, do not like the collar option for my dogs.

Turtle Neck - Is made of fleece, folded in half. So, 2 layers of fleece. It’s thick. For the very small pets, I make it single layer to avoid too much bulk. Does NOT cover the ears. I highly recommend the turtle neck for good warmth and awesome look.

Snood - Is made of fleece, single layer. Has an elastic and cord stop to secure it around the head. Is designed to be long enough to cover your dog’s ears. Ideal for warming ears and neck. Can be folded or scrunched down so that it doesn't cover the ears. My favourite option as it very versatile, practical and warm.

 What is the best way to take the cozies off?

You should pull the whole back of the cozy up to the dog's shoulder/chest area (just behind the neck), gently push your dog's head down so that he/she is looking at the ground, then pull the cozy down toward the floor and off of the dog's head. Now you're left with a dog who only has their legs in the cozy. Just take one leg out at a time. Easy peasy!

My item doesn't seem to fit right, what do I do?

Please contact me if you have concerns regarding fit (instagram messages are very fast and convenient for me, otherwise email will be the best way to contact me). Please be prepared to send me photos and/or videos of your dog wearing the item & photos and/or videos of you measuring your dog in certain areas. 

Do you do alterations and repairs?

I generally do not do alterations and repairs. If your item requires alterations or repairs your least expensive and easiest option would be to contact your local seamstress (usually very inexpensive depending on the amount of altering or repairing your item may need and this way will also save you shipping your item to me and back to you...also saves time). If you require a piece of fabric for the seamstress to be able to make alterations that match your item please contact me and I will try my best to get you what you need. You may need to pay a small shipping fee to get your piece of fabric but this method can save you a lot of money.