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Spandex Onesies

Spandex Onesies

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Spandex Onesies were designed with all kinds of practical uses in mind. They fit very snug to minimize any snagging and are great for protecting sensitive skin from the direct sun, keeping ticks off of the majority of the body, protecting sutures or wounds, keeping the dog hair out of your back vehicle, keeping your dog clean from the feet up, keeping environmental allergens off...and always good for a giggle. 
We selected a sleek, soft spandex for the body for the entire garment. The snood cinches easily around the neck or face with an elastic and cord stop. The belly is complete with a zipper for entry and exit. Note: This item zips right from the chest to the tail for females and right to the back legs for males so, it will need to be unzipped a bit for your dog to pee and poop.

A unique design, based on your measurements, will be made for each dog.
We make every item by hand ensuring the highest quality and workmanship. 

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to measure very accurately. Also, consult the measurement diagram above for ALL measurements.
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Customer Reviews

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Kate Creedon
Spandex Onesie for my dog with EDS

The spandex Onesie is great for my dog with EDS. It keeps her safe and provides great coverage. I also appreciate how much time ThreadzNTails staff took to make sure we picked the right outfit and sizing. We bought a coat for our previous dog so many years ago, and we will definitely keep buying more outfits for all our mutts!

Love our spandex onesie!

I am so happy that I finally got a spandex onesie for my pup! She has white fur and "feathers" on her legs, and her spandex onesie is perfect for keeping mud/burrs/snowballs out of her fur, which makes us all happier. The suit fits really well, and I'm very impressed by the quality. And on top of that, we get compliments and smiles every time we take her out in it-- everyone loves a dog in a supersuit!

Snowball game changer!

The main reason I got this spandex onesie was to keep snowballs off of my Goldendoodle- it does that and more! From keeping mud to a minimum to protecting your dog from burs and ticks- the possibilities are endless! Not to mention that the spandex is super thick and durable (while not being too hot) and the stitching is very sturdy as well. I love that every item is based off of your dogs measurements so you don’t have to worry about a less then ideal fit. And the zipper on the belly is absolutely perfect! Zip it down for potty and then zip it back up for maximum protection! You could even leave it open just enough for potty and it will stay put wherever you position it.

Surfer cool and super clean

This onesie is everything I hoped for and more!
a) easy to put on, especially for a dog that is sensitive to body handling
b) zipper stays in place whether fully closed or partially open to accommodate bathroom breaks and is much easier to use than I expected
c) breatheable, the first day wearing it, the temp was 26C and Logan didn’t overheat. If it is hotter, I would make sure it’s wet so it would be cooling
d) A perfect fit, made to Logan’s exact measurements, there is no gaping in the suit or restrictiveness in the shoulders so he moved easily even in the water (dried super quickly too)
e) provides an added layer of protection, which is the primary reason I got this onesie. I use an essential oil spray for both of us to help deter fleas, mosquitoes and ticks, but now can focus on the exposed areas rather than dousing his full body. I‘m also not picking flies, burrs, sticky sap pods, ants, mosquitoes out of his hair all the time. At the end of the day, I washed dirt and pollen off his head and paws only, a damp towel passed over his body didn’t show any dirt (full body check for ticks as always).
🤩Total super onesie satisfaction! We might even get another!
Oh, and it’s super cute!

So Cute In Spandex :)

This was our first purchase from Threadzntails and we love it! The sizing is perfect, it fits her well and she can move in it comfortably. Plus she looks so stylish in the pink and purple! The snood is also a great feature, especially for a small dog who hates hoods. Oh and LeeAnne is extremely helpful and answered all my questions quickly :)