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Towelies were created for wet pooches. They offer maximum drying convenience after swimming, dock diving, hanging out in the rain or the dreaded bath...
We chose soft, thick, high quality fleece for the outer layer and a water absorbing terry cloth for the inner layer. An extra long hood flap in the same fabrics was added for face and ear drying. The belly is secured with a band that loops through the garment and ties on the back. 

A unique design, based on your measurements, will be made for each dog.
We make every item by hand ensuring the highest quality and workmanship.

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to measure very accurately. Also, consult the measurement diagram above for ALL measurements.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

We were gifted a towlie last year and fell in love! It keeps Luna warm and dry after her swims and baths. We bring it on every swimming/camping/overnight trip and always get compliments and questions about it!

We loved it so much we bought another one this year!

Good Quality Robes

The terry cloth soaks my wet dog up like nothing happen! I keep this handle in my car. I wish she will sell this as a blanket cause I totally will buy it to keep my car even more clean. My dog naps in his after his shower!


I can't even describe how happy I am with Nahla's towelie! It's very well made, super soft on the outside, and the Terry cloth is super absorbent! It is the perfect way to warm up and dry off after rainy or snowy walks. She also loves cozying up in it. 11/10 recommend for all wet dog needs.

Christina sutanto
Great for keeping my dog dry after a hike/swim

I love putting this on my dog after a wet hike / a swim. It keeps my car dry and dries my dog faster

My dog’s favourite thing!

I initially bought this for summer days after boating or swims in the river but we actually use it year round now! My dog loves being warm and loves being under blankets, and now that it’s getting colder and I wear my robe around the house, I figured I could also put her robe on her to keep her cozy…. and she loves it so much! As soon as it comes out she runs over excitedly and sticks her head inside. It brings me the most joy :)