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UPF 50+ Cozy

UPF 50+ Cozy

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UPF 50+ Cozies were designed with your pup’s sun safety in mind. We chose a thin, soft, high quality Nylon and Spandex blend material that blocks out +98% of harmful UV rays. 
For maximum cooling, we recommend choosing a light colour of fabric and wetting the Cozy before putting it on your dog for cooling effect. Reapplication of water may be necessary. This item provides cooling but we always suggest using caution when doing activities in the heat with your dog. This item does NOT prevent heat exhaustion. 
Includes a snood with an elastic drawstring to cover your dog’s ears and neck for maximum protection from the sun.


A unique design, based on your measurements, will be made for each dog.

We make every item by hand ensuring the highest quality and workmanship.

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to measure very accurately. Also, consult the measurement diagram above for ALL measurements.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Micaela Simpson
Even helps with Anxiety

My little anxious pup loves this shirt. It not only protects her from the sun, but a whole new level of confidence comes out when she is in her stylish shirt. I had no expectations of this but she seems much more comfortable and confident when out and about in her adorable gear!

Amanda and Adventure Pup Leilani
Not Today, Skin Cancer!

Everything about this is amazing! First of all, and most importantly, the fabric is UPF 50! Having a redheaded dog, it’s very important she is protected against harmful UV rays. Lani loves to sunbathe, and would do so for hours if I let her. I feel more comfortable knowing she is protected from sun exposure. The fabric is lightweight, and moves easily, so she can wear while swimming, or at the beach. When we hit the trails, I don’t have to worry about her overheating on a warm day. The material is cool to the touch and can also be wet prior to wearing. As with all Threadz N Tails gear, it is tailored to fit Lani’s measurements. Lee-Ann is such a wonderful person, with a real craft for sewing and creating. The quality is impeccable. Highly recommend !

Lana & Bear
So helpful for HOT days!

My dog LOVES running his head off on any type of day, but on hot days he needs a lil extra help to keep going and this shirt helps a lot. I wet it before we head out and keep it wet while he’s doing his things. He normally hates pools/water on him unless he decides but he’s perfectly fine with this shirt. Thank you!!!

Maya Armour
Lightweight and Perfect Custom Fit

We recently purchased this to help keep our very short coated pitbull safe from the sun. Happy to report that this kept her sun safe, cool, and clean throughout a multiple hour hike! It also has held up to her off trail adventures with no damage yet! Very happy with the custom fit and fun colors.

Kayla McDonald
Cool and Calm

This was one item I didn't think I'd want for my dog, being that he's a corgi mix and has a double coat. I didn't think he'd need the extra protection from the sun.. I was completely wrong and am ok with it! We use this all summer long when we're going for walks or playing in the water. It keeps him cool and also helps to keep bugs off him! Absolutely love our UPF 50 cozies and will definitely need some more next summer! We love the fun colors and endless color combinations!