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UPF 50+ Onesies

UPF 50+ Onesies

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UPF 50+ Onesies were designed with your pup’s sun safety in mind. We chose a thin, soft, high quality Nylon and Spandex blend material that blocks out +98% of harmful UV rays.
For maximum cooling, we recommend choosing a light colour of fabric and wetting the Cozy before putting it on your dog for cooling effect. Reapplication of water may be necessary. This item provides cooling but we always suggest using caution when doing activities in the heat with your dog. This item does NOT prevent heat exhaustion.

Includes a snood with an elastic drawstring to cover your dog’s ears and neck for maximum protection from the sun. The belly/chest is complete with a zipper for entry and exit. Note: This item zips right from the chest to the tail for females and right to the back legs for males so, it will need to be unzipped a bit for your dog to pee and poop. They fit very snug to minimize any snagging and are great for protecting sensitive skin from the direct sun, keeping ticks off of the majority of the body, protecting sutures or wounds, keeping the dog hair out of your back vehicle, keeping your dog clean from the feet up, keeping environmental allergens off...and always good for a giggle.

A unique design, based on your measurements, will be made for each dog.
We make every item by hand ensuring the highest quality and workmanship. 

Photos in listing are to show fit and style, not fabric colours and prints.
VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to measure very accurately. Also, consult the measurement diagram above for ALL measurements.
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